Welcome to One More Chance, an

association that offers education and

access to health care for children in Africa


  • The One More Chance association works for the education and health of underprivileged children, mothers and pregnant women.

  • The One More Chance association is committed to the right to an education
    quality for all
    the children.

  • The One More Chance association in its health projects offers health courses to pregnant women and their families.

Thanks to the education offered to them, children are better protected against abuse, such as forced labor or early marriage, and have real
future prospects.


  • As part of its humanitarian mission, the One More Chance association wishes to contribute to the search for lasting solutions.

  • In addition to financial aid, our humanitarian work is based on the sharing of knowledge and skills

  • We work closely with local authorities and institutions, with Ministries of Health and Education and universities

Our health assistance mission also contributes to improving access to health services. We organize round tables with local populations in order to find solutions together that will allow them to better treat themselves.